Minnesota Hunts

This hunt takes place in the Mississippi Bluff region of Minnesota. It provides excellent opportunity at harvesting trophy class bucks. With data compiled by the Quality Deer Management Association ( QDMA) Minnesota ranks #5 in total Pope and Young & Boone and Crocket entries into the record books from 1991 to 2000.

Our hunting properties are located in the bluffs of South East Minnesota in Winona & Houston Counties. This unknown region is has been termed a sleeper area by world class hunters such as Myles Keller. (Myles Keller has more pope and Young bucks to his credit than any other hunter).


Not far from the Mississippi River you will have a great time chasing monster whitetails

Minnesota hunting opportunities

Our hunts are limited so please book early! We offer early season bow hunts, RUT bow hunts, RUT Shot gun & Black power Hunts. Take your pick!

Early Season Bow Hunts

We offer early season bow hunts at great prices! Hunt while the bucks are still in their bachelor groups and are still easy to pattern. These hunts are un-guided so you have the freedom to test your skill at harvesting an early season buck.

RUT Bow hunts

We offer prime hunts during the RUT. Late October and early November the RUT starts heating things up in the Midwest. Hunt trophy bucks in the ridges when the BIG BOYS are looking for hot does. These Selfi-Guided hunts will include pre scouted stand options.

RUT Shotgun or Black powder hunts

With the RUT just going full swing we offer 4 day Shotgun or Black powder hunts.

These hunts offer a great chance to harvest a trophy buck. Just imagine getting to hunt a buck with a gun during the RUT!


These Self-Guided hunts will include pre scouted stand options.